Company Director

Company Directors

Kevin Kanakiah


Kevin Kanakiah‘s passion for business and IT started while he was in school, he ventured in many business activities which was successful and profitable. After his schooling career he studied Software Development and achieved a Diploma. He continued studying various other IT courses and also worked for various IT companies to obtain skills and experience to be able to provide a turnkey solution. Kevin also studied business management and attended many business seminars.

In 2006 Kevin realised he had what it takes to make a difference in the IT industry and start his own IT company called Techie On Call CC trading as Future IT Solutions.

When the business started Kevin developed a software product and had a single client. Due to his passion, dedication, knowledge and experience in technology together with ICT he has grown Future IT Solutions into the business it is today. Currently the company has 18 products and services Future IT Solutions provides IT services and products to government departments, large corporates, small and medium business and retail outlets.

Kevin believes strongly in making sure that his clients have a stable environment by having the correct technology, software and IT systems in place. He believes with his success and achievements he can move business forward with the correct IT solutions. Due to the success in developing Future IT Solutions Kevin is also involved in various social and people development.


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