Virtual Data Centre

With the cloud, your're covered

When it comes to managing your IT environment nothing beats the control, security, flexibility and on-demand facilities of a fully-fledged data centre. And now you can have it – in the cloud.

Future IT Solutions' Virtual Data Centre service is a scalable, fully automated cloud-based service solution that gives you the same control and resources as a traditional data centre, but without the cost of equipment, power, colocation, network and manpower.

It provides on-demand computing, storage and applications that are integrated into the heart of your IT infrastructure, and offers fully automated public and private cloud access on the same platform.

  • Scalable and fully automated solution.
  • Flexibility – self-service web portal.
  • Peace of mind – our virtual data centre service has inherent security.
  • Predictability – fixed monthly costs means you can plan your budget.
  • Cost effective – no upfront equipment and skill sets needed.
  • Networking – ability to create networks within the Virtual Data Centre environment.
  • Companies face increasing pressure to react quickly in today’s fast paced environment. By accelerating infrastructure delivery, enterprises can ensure that IT moves at the speed of business while maintaining security and control. There’s no upfront capital outlay and the service can be scaled extremely quickly to give the capacity and power you need, when you need it.
  • Virtual Data Centre from Future IT Solutions gives your business access to all the features and benefits of a world-class data centre, through the cloud.
  • The Data Centre has top-level security, access and temperature control to ensure optimal hosting conditions. The Data Centre also features redundant power supply to ensure optimal uptime of services hosted in our DC, this ensures the customer experiences little to no downtime due to power outages and gives you peace of mind.
  • The service offers the ability to create Virtual Machines almost instantly; add resources such as storage and RAM or increase CPU power at any point in time. From the admin console the customer has central management of their virtual machines; they can configure firewall rules or integrate physical servers within the virtual environment. At a click of a button the customer can create their own infrastructure, fully customised to fit their requirements with options to grow and make changes when necessary.