Virtual Server Hosting

Unlike most other cloud computing products currently available on the local market, Future IT Solutions’ Virtual Server Hosting offering gives customers real, control over their IT infrastructure. It provides a virtual solution incorporating a control panel that enables you to manage and scale your resources instantly. This includes, for example, upgrading RAM and vCPUs, or even adding additional hard drive capacity, with no delay or outside assistance. In other words – absolute, instant scalability.

This flexibility makes the solution ideal – and affordable – for businesses that are looking for top-end server functionality to cater for cyclical work volumes (such as large bill runs or special promotions), but that do not need extensive hard drive disk space. The service allows you to increase your hardware capacity as and when you need to, while only being charged for the additional use.

The Virtual Server Hosting packages also include a “snapshot” feature, which allows you to make a temporary copy/ snapshot of the current configuration of the virtual server for a maximum of three days, implement changes or updates with the knowledge that you have a full back up of your original server environment – should your updates or changes not be implemented or if your system crashes, you are able to roll back to the way your server environment was prior to your changes

Virtual Server Hosting combines the best of three worlds: the performance of a server, the convenience of a hosted solution, and the flexibility to downgrade or upgrade your hardware specifications (including the ability to create up to three additional virtual machines) remotely, quickly and easily.

Virtual Server Hosting can be implemented within a few days as there are no physical hardware requirements. You select the hardware you initially require, and scale up at any time with no extended downtime or compatibility problems.

  • The peak outbound traffic rate (from the server to the Internet) will be limited to 100Mbps,
  • The peak inbound traffic rate (from the Internet to the Server) will be limited to 10Mbps,
  • The outbound traffic usage for a calendar month must exceed that of the inbound traffic usage for the same month.